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= Fun Time!

Family Time

Batting Cages & Pitching Machine!

We have 3 batting cages available to all members 24/7, as well as 1 pitching machine.
Pitching mounds and pitching nets are  currently available.

Give the Gift of Family Fun


What if instead of buying only toys, we invested our money in memories? Instead of cluttering your house, come and enjoy as a family time at The Gym-Boree! 

Get a year membership for the whole family, buy a punch card, or a gift card for them to use for whatever occasion they want!

Screenshot 2019-01-28 11.51.19.png

The Gym-Boree is the perfect place to throw a party! Available for kids' birthday parties, after sports season parties, family gatherings, or just because get togethers. This is a great place to let the kids be kids!


LadyFit is a place where all women can enjoy and get a lot out of a workout. It is a circuit workout, so there is no walking into the gym and wondering what you should do. There are 12 strength machines and 12 mats. You can do video workouts, live classes, or anything to keep you active on the mats. Every class and workout can be for any woman, regardless of fitness level! Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.
$30/Month. Contact us for specials with pairing it with The Gym-Boree membership! 

When you feel like quitting, remember who's watching.

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